Like an athlete that has trained and primed for an event, the Umbilico website has been curated, combed and clicked thoroughly in lieu of its launch. We are now proud to announce that after a long but rewarding journey with web design, the official Umbilico website has launched!

As an innovative, unique and fresh take on all forms of movement, the Umbilico space for creative movement brings different and individualistic industries together to form an inclusive community of shared experiences in exercise, fitness & creative movement. Welcoming all from every walk of life, the Umbilico space is available to industry professionals, groups and walk-ins, bringing a diverse range of people and disciplines together in a shared space.

And like the eco-friendly space that is the re-purposed warehouse that houses Umbilico, the website is a one-of-a-kind combination of story telling and personality. We helped Giordana and Deb tell the story of Umbilico’s inspiring beginnings, and through clever web design, combined the unique elements of their beautifully illustrated iconography with the charismatic photography of Shirin Town.

We would like to thank the team behind Umbilico for helping us get everything together and we are so privileged to have been a part of their web design project and bringing the Umbilico space to Sydney.

Signing off,

The Newgroup Team

Exercising Creativity with Newgroup Marketing