From content to tone, copywriting communicates a brand’s image and has immense creative impact. Across websites, social media, print ads, digital taglines, seo copywriting, email copywriting, blogs and newsletters our professional copywriting services are carried out by an in-house in tune with your key messages and target market.


Blogger Outreach
We will find and enlist those who already have the audience and expertise, to help promote and uplift your brand. Our savvy communications team can research, contact and communicate with the blogging community on your behalf as part of our tailored Blogger Outreach.

Blogger Outreach can be formed as part of a digital and/or social media strategy and can include setting up blogger affiliation programs with your brand, organising for your brand to be featured on a Blogger’s platform (Blog or social media) and inviting a blogger to speak to your audiences.


Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing is that it allows brands to create conversation and talkability amongst your most relevant audiences – and strong shareability to grow audiences. As a social media marketing agency, we strategically target our social media content so you keep having conversations in all the right places to create & maintain an online community around your brand

As part of Newgroup’s social media marketing management, we manage and implement many activities including organic social content, social media Ads, sponsored posts, blogger outreach, hashtag optimisation and strategic networking.


As time goes by, more and more digital content is based on algorithms which means that for your brand to be seen, you need to invest in a digital marketing budget. Part of this includes incorporating SEO and SEM services into your online strategy. SEO pricing can vary based on your competition, timeframe for investing, budget and is best to discussed with a strategy in place. At Newgroup, our SEO and SEM services always strive to help build your searchability and status though results take time. Our strong communications team carry out off page SEO. Our highly experienced technical team performs thorough on page SEO for your websites that is carried through to mobile devices. Through a combination of our best communicators and strategists, we perform SEM consulting through keyword research and keyword copywriting, paid Ads and listings and competition analysis.


Video Production
From the idea generation to copywriting and scriptwriting, storyboarding all the way to industry qualified videographers & directing teams, we have the capabilities and access to get it done

Our planning and execution is guided closely with our technical and creative teams to ensure that all communications are in line with your brand.

We are extremely versatile and create for many industries including corporate video production, music video production, creative video production, animated video production and videos for social causes.


Newgroup’s photography services can be used as part of an internal project, or on its own. We love getting creative with visual aesthetics. Our in-house team create photoshoot concepts and directions, assist in photo shoot direction, form colour palettes, and manage all post-shoot touch ups.

Photography pricing will depend on how the service is taken up, whether it is part of a larger branding package or a stand alone. We’re more than happy to discuss this with you.


Display and Banner Ads
A well-rounded digital strategy invests in display ads. These can be in the form of banner ads, shown surrounding search engine results as well as throughout websites. As a full-service digital creative agency, we have in-house design and technical teams to craft well designed banner ads that will stand out and align with your brand as well as have the technical means to implement them. Our team also recommends utilising remarketing display ads which remember when a User has visited your content/website, and displays your ads to them while they are browsing the wider internet.