User Experience Design
Breaking it down, User Experience (UX) is design that puts people first. As a User Experience Design Agency, our UX process involves developing quality interaction between a user and all areas of your business. At Newgroup Marketing, we are experts in both mobile user experience and website user experience design both involving elements such as research, testing, developing, content creation, prototyping and testing. UX Design is more than great functionality and aesthetics — combined, they’re what makes your brand meaningful to your customer’s life.


Responsive Website Design
Your online presence is the first point of contact for many consumers, so it pays to make it a good one. Almost three quarters of people now use mobile or tablet devices while using the internet, with a strong increase in numbers every month. Having responsive website design means having a website that is mobile and tablet-ready, showcasing your business at its best on the most used devices. Creating a responsive website design is crucial to gaining audience attention and is a vital part of all of our web design projects.


Landing Pages
A landing page is also a great way to achieve unique goals and often have direct impact on customer conversion rates. You can integrate landing pages with social media, digital and offline marketing campaigns to produce a strong message and stronger chance at ROI.


Web and Mobile App Design
Whether to have an app or not isn’t the question, with almost 90% of people’s time using media being spent using apps. What matters is if it’s designed well, both aesthetically and functionally. This is where Newgroup comes in. As a web design company we love and deliver on great mobile app design, that puts User Experience at the centre.

As part of our web design services we help you answer those questions such as iOS or Android? Web App or Native App? Part of our mobile and web design consulting process for apps is keeping our clients involved every step of the way.


Branding, Concept Design and Direction

This includes visible, and non-visible, elements of a brand such as colour, structure, shape and tone that convey strong symbolic meanings to your audience.

Research and data is key to our design concept process. Any design outcomes are comprehensively researched before pencil touches paper/hand touches computer mouse.
As a design and branding agency, we build a brand identity from afresh, as well as based on an existing brand. This brand identity forms across product branding, website branding, social media, traditional and mass media.

A key part of our branding process and creative concept design is having clients involved and connected so we can provide a valuable return brief. This includes providing different creative directions for our clients to choose from and grow with.


Lookbooks, Catalogues & Booklets
These create and communicate reasons to engage with your products & services being offered.
Lookbooks, design catalogues, booklets and brochures come in all forms and types and we cover each of them, from digital, interactive documents to offline, print catalogues bound in varying ways. We can use many different types of printing paper as well as design these in varying sizes.


Graphic Design
We have a highly skilled, in-house design team in-house who carry out all of our professional graphic design. We work across multiple design programs, are able to adapt extremely well to new software and deliver fast turnarounds. As a graphic design agency, we pride ourselves on our innovative, clean design style and love incorporating our graphic design services into our internal projects as well as design work we do for other agencies.


This is all about crafting the right message to make your brand stand out in the best way possible.
Powerpoint, Keynote, Indesign, Prezi – we’ll keep your presentations looking aesthetically inviting and professional using the most up to date programs.
Newgroup also do photography and video presentations including workshopping, the creative, production and editing. Your next marketing campaign may need a photographer or videographer, and we have both on call within Sydney whenever you need them.


Logo & Marketing Collateral
The key to unlocking your main brand identity, we concept logo design to fit within your brand identity but stand out from the masses.
The jewel of the crown: logo design is one of our specialities and favourites. No matter which business, we help you find your very own jewel of a logo.
As a full service agency we also produce from scratch marketing collateral across many formats and for any audience. This includes marketing, creative, corporate and business collateral design. We design stationery such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, email signatures, stickers, brochures, signage, car wraps, you name it.

Marketing collateral also covers calendars, invitations, postcards, “with compliments” slips, awards and anything else you can think of (and if you can think of it, we most definitely can do it).We have great relationships with various printers that deliver great results, on time.


Packaging can entice & excite potential customers while reinforcing the core message of your business. Define your brand through custom packaging design with our in-house design team.
As a creative agency we produce packaging based on your business’s needs. All of our product packaging design centred around your brand’s identity. This covers all types of product packaging no matter the shape, style, surface – we’ll work with it.

Our packaging design services can also include business marketing collateral such as envelopes, letterheads, job sheets, writing paper – the office supplies you and your customers use will help brand recall.


Allowing potential users, and our clients, to see, test and interact with a product is a major benefit for strategic and longer-term planning. We offering prototyping services across our agency including website (wireframes), web design and mobile app prototyping.
We also run workshops with our clients and teams which incorporate user journey activities and user experience prototyping. This allows us and our clients to visualise the way potential customers will interact with the product, platform or service.