Web Development
We use the latest HTML5 & CSS3 technology to meet modern & up to date web standards as part of our front end development services.

-HTML Web Development (HTML)


-JQUERY, Node.js, Angular js

We also perform flash web development including flash web design, flash banner ads, interactive videos and animations. Web development prices will vary according to project requirements and we are happy to discuss these with you, and we’re usually able to provide customised web site development services to suit differing needs.


Mobile Application Development
Apps development is rapidly growing to meet User expectation and demand with almost 90% of people’s time using media being spent using apps. As a creative digital agency, mobile application development is not only one of our expertise, but an agency favourite. With an in-house design and strategy team, our mobile application development projects have a heavy focus on user experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design while providing a very solid technical foundation that has the ability to grow as the brand does. We build both mobile and web application development including iOS and Android.


CakePHP, Laravel and Code lgniter
As part of our custom web application development, we utilise the rapidly developing PHP frameworks. The selection of which web application will be based on discussions between our clients and technical teams to have the best outcome based on the project requirements.

Cake PHP web services

Code Igniter web services

Laravel web services
– PHP MySQL web services


Content Management Systems
Web content management systems (CMS) allow the non-technical person to access, edit, customise and publish changes to their website from an admin backend. Newgroup have built many great websites with content management systems as a lot of our clients need to be able to update their platform regularly and with ease. Our CMS web design capabilities span across many systems and depend on how advanced, as well as nature, of the web platform’s requirements.


WordPress + Woocommerce & Magento
Wordpress development services are one of Newgroup’s most sought after, as it produces great usability from both the frontend and backend. WordPress is one type of web content management system (web CMS) that allows a user to easily edit and update their website from the backend. Included in our WordPress web development are WordPress setup, migration and backup services to maintain a fully functioning, up-to-date website.

Woocommerce and Magento (also web content management systems based on PHP) are more often used for websites that require ecommerce web development. Our highly skilled technical web development team are well adept at magento development services, where these allow for a more robust CMS system when linked to an online shop.
User Testing and QA
User Testing services and QA (Quality Assurance) are a mandatory part of any digital project we carry out to ensure a successful, smooth outcome for our client’s users. User testing looks at all aspects of a digital platform that a user will engage with and makes sure quality and functionality are at 100%. Our usability testing services include activities such as ensuring a Bug free website and performing standard coding and base practices.

We also ensure all our websites are responsive & conduct browser compatibility tests. Websites that operate to the maximum standard across the major browsers, including: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

We build responsive websites that are compatible with all devices e.g. mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops.


API Integration
Newgroup’s API Integration services are also a key part of our web development projects, as more often web platforms need to connect with other platforms or systems. API (Application Interface) integration services as its basis, is part of web development that integrates one platform with another. For example, fully integrating Facebook or Google Maps into your website that updates in real time.


All Other Things Technical
We understand that tech can be intimidating, so we’re always there to assist with anything else.
We offer support services to make sure your website runs smoothly, ongoing help and an easy to read manual for the technical aspects of your website.