Allowing potential users, and our clients, to see, test and interact with a product is a major benefit for strategic and longer-term planning. We offering prototyping services across our agency including website (wireframes), web design and mobile app prototyping.
We also run workshops with our clients and teams which incorporate user journey activities and user experience prototyping. This allows us and our clients to visualise the way potential customers will interact with the product, platform or service.


Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy planning is a chief part of our activity, where a strong strategy forms a strong campaign foundation. Based on initial discussions with our clients, will will prepare a digital marketing strategy proposal that encompasses the platforms, activities and timeframes involved for the digital campaign. Our strategic marketing services involve extensive research and analytics, creative such as branding and graphic design, social media strategy and reporting and blogging and copywriting.


Campaign Analytics
As part of our digital strategy services, we create and implement digital campaigns which can include social media, online advertising, SEO and SEM. With any digital campaign comes consistent monitoring, tracking and reporting. From this we adjust as necessary to ensure your project is of the highest quality, and the process is as smooth as possible. We follow up with results based on campaign analytics and metrics, so you are best educated on how to move forward.


User Research
Users are central to great design and digital experiences. As a strategic marketing company, we take the extra time to carry out user research at the beginning of a project to enhance its chances of success. We carry out User Experience research User Interface research as part of our collaborative workshops with our clients. User Persona and User Journey processes and activities are also worked through by different teams to establish a solid, accurate foundation to build strategy, branding, design and technical work on.


Content Strategy
How you express yourself – through both words and images – will be key to how your brand will be identified and understood. The content you share with the world not only will define who your audience is, but also who they aren’t. At Newgroup, we help you form a content development plan set out over a specific timeline and based on audience and market research, project strategy and budget. Content can include anything across digital or mass media, social media, SEO. online advertising and other marketing content development.


Social Media Strategy
Build community around your brand, be where the conversations are and reaching the masses: these are just a few things that successful social media strategies can achieve for your business.

As a digital creative agency, we are at the forefront of social media trends and know-how. Our social media strategy services incorporate offering different packages to suit the client and campaign type, social media posting strategy, platform selection including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Blogging.

To help achieve your social media strategy objectives, we have various teams in-house to implement part or 100% of your social media campaign. This includes any graphic design, copywriting, HTML coding, scheduling and posting, monitoring and analytic reporting.


Web and Social Analytics
At Newgroup, you’ll probably hear us say more than once that we love admin. And it’s true, we do. But this is because we’ve experiences that massive difference in success that digital campaigns can have when based on strong, ongoing admin. This includes social medfia and web analytics.

Our web analytics services are used across a digital marketing campaign to report on web traffic, audience demographics, web site performance and SEO.

A chief part of our social media strategy development involves the use of social media data analytics. This helps our communications and strategy teams track, report and optimize based on hourly, daily and monthly metrics and patterns. We share and discuss these analytics and reports with our clients.


Business Development Planning
Newgroup is able to work with you to formulate an overarching business plan, because we know the importance of looking to the future. We focus on your story and how you inspire others to seek the opportunities and paths forward for your business.