Conversion optimization has become one of the most important fields in online marketing. For those of you who are not marketing experts and may feel overwhelmed by technical jargon, this article presents 4 quick and easy conversion optimization techniques.

1. Focus On the Goal

Do not overwhelm your audience with tonnes of options. This will likely distract your visitors, disrupt their journey and increase the chance they drop off. For example, do not offer your visitors the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter and access your social media accounts on a page whose goal is to confirm a purchase.

Every single element of a webpage should lead your audience to adopt a specific behaviour that achieves a specific goal.

2. Keep It Consistent

The number of devices and platforms through which customers can connect with your brand has increased dramatically. A customer may see your advertising on their smartphone, access your website through their desktop computer and complete the purchase from their tablet. They may interact with your brand through your website, your social media accounts or the e-mails you send them.

Therefore, consistency is key. Every interaction a customer can have with your brand must be consistent and aligned with the message you are trying to convey or the experience you are trying to provide. Having a good knowledge of these touchpoints will enable you to improve your customers’ online experience and will ultimately lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

3. Make It Personal

Your business may be online but it’s no different than your favourite café. You know, the one you go to every morning where the barista greets you by your first name and prepares your favourite coffee before you’ve even said a word. He knows you, and he knows what you want. And although in your pre-caffeinated state you may not realize it, this relationship is one of the reasons why you keep coming back every morning.

The key message here is to personalize the interactions you have with your customers by adopting a relationship-based marketing approach. Use the opportunities offered by technology to learn about your customers and provide them with a more personal experience.

4. Choose Data Over Opinion

Trusting your gut feelings may be OK when you’re searching for a gift to offer your partner, but when it comes to making business decisions it’s just not enough.

Big data allows us to gather information in an unprecedented way and you can use this to your advantage. The amount of tools, apps or software that facilitate the collection, storage and analysis of data has dramatically grown in recent years. But don’t stop there – you need to test.

A/B testing allows you to test different versions of a complete page in a live environment and determine which version yields the highest results. Once you know which landing page can consistently convert visitors, you can confidently focus on driving traffic to that page.


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