The summer scorchers are approaching, the air conditioners are at full force and our frozen yoghurt is starting to melt a little faster. But as Bondi natives, we’re suckers for heat waves and long days at the beach, so here’s to all the things we won’t miss about Spring!

1. Jacaranda sludge on rainy afternoons.


There’s no denying that the Jacaranda trees that line the Australian streets like a purple paradise are a stunning sight to behold. However with the change of seasons come the raging storms – and with the storms come the inevitable streams of Jacaranda flower rivers attacking cars and civilians like an unstoppable force.

2. Relentless hay fever.


We’re not huge fans of the pollinating flora that pops up during this time of the year, and we’re pretty fed up with our eyes watering and noses itching. So with the turn of the seasons, comes the end of daily sneeze-fests – here’s to ending hayfever!

3. Summer diets.


There’s something about Spring that encourages new beginnings – unfortunately that also means hordes of colleagues and friends start their Summer “cleanse”. Now, we’re all about loving yourself at Newgroup, so want you to love your jiggly bits and forget about those strict diets – you do you!

4. Daily Sweater/No Sweater Debate.


Our resident fashionistas Katie and Aaron always bring it with their Style Game, so it’s not uncommon to catch a sight of a too-cool-for-school denim jacket or sweater hung on the back of a chair. That being said, no level of fashion training can prepare you for predicting what outer-wear will be seasonally appropriate for a Spring day in Sydney.

5. Seasonally inappropriate Christmas advertising


There’s always something unnerving about festive paraphernalia appearing in shop windows in the middle of November, and to hear Michael Buble and Mariah Carey sing in any month other December can cause mild delirium and confusion in some. But not to fear – with December now ticking along, we’re all free to enjoy our Christmas carols and advent calendar chocolates without shame.

6. Waiting for Summer to arrive


Perhaps the most excruciating part of Spring is waiting for the best season of the year to arrive. Counting down the days to December, you start Googling the creative fitness ideas, buying new swimmers for the beach and unearthing your broad brimmed hats from the back of your closet. But dream no more Sydney, Summer is finally here to greet us with its sweet and balmy embrace.

So with the Aussie Summer now in full force, what are your plans for hot days ahead?


Signing off,


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