Like our client Anderson Architecture, we’re just as much about building functional things as we are about creativity and design. That’s why we’re proud to announce our latest website design project with them is complete, fully launched and you’re invited to the web-warming!

Drawing from his year in Stockholm, Anderson Architecture’s principal architect, Simon, has a distinct Scandinavian flair to his designs, whilst incorporating the principles of sustainability and harmonious living in one’s surroundings. At Newgroup, we were inspired by his story and aimed to create a clean and modern website that mirrored his creative philosophy The final result was a digital space that uses stunning full-bleed images to showcases their impressive design portfolio.

We want to sincerely thank the team at Anderson Architecture for giving us the opportunity to do website design for them. Their unique approach to architecture and use of space has truly inspired us to make some changes in our own office!

To see Anderson Architecture’s new digital house, click here.

To read about our collaboration with the team at Horizon Habitats, click here.

Signing off,
Exercising Creativity with Newgroup Marketing