We’re all a bit demanding now, you know? “No, I’m not,” you’re thinking… “I’m a patient person, pretty forgiving and lenient,” you say. Okay, that may well be true but what’s also a fact is now more than ever, we are engaging with the rapidly flourishing industry of On-Demand tech services.

Those that usually take out the middle man, the well knowns like Uber, AirBnb, Divvy Parking (here in Australia) & Deliveroo provide the services to transport us, accomodate us, find parking for us and feed us – whenever we demand it – through our clever little phones and computers.

UrbanYou, providing you with all the household help you need (basically, taking care of all the things around the house your Mum won’t do for you anymore, or really, just giving you time to #livelife) is already making friends with the above list of On-Demand services.

Newgroup had the privilege of collaborating with UrbanYou on their UX Strategy & Design and Web & Mobile Design creating an inviting new web experience.

How does it work? UrbanYou match your job request with their set of swift contractors on-the -go, taking care of all that pesky research, time spent organising and payment for you.

We’re proud to have partnered with an on-demand home service provider who are making the lives of us all – whether it be professionals, families, working parents, students, retirees or any household makeup you can think of – a lot easier and more pleasant.


We encourage you to check it out and most importantly, get some of your deserved free time back!

We demand it.


Signing off,