How good is it working with old friends? There’s been a lot of reminiscing at Newgroup as we rekindle the Newgroup-Soho Projects professional collaboration.

Soho Projects is a leading design-construct company working across Australia. They’re known for their no-nonsense, energetic project management, innovative design and seamless building & construction skill.

A few years ago, we worked on bringing to light Soho’s true value and expertise through designing and developing their web platform.

Naturally, the business has grown in more ways than one, taking on new direction and refining the business focus.

Newgroup are delighted to be part of this growth and renewal process. We are working closely with Soho Project’s General Manager, Josh Nassi, on business social media management and networking, business development and strategy and website development.

We’re more than stoked to be walking alongside one of our favourite clients, helping a hand where we can and seeing Soho Project’s continue to shine.

If you want Newgroup to brighten up your business or venture, get in touch for a friendly chat.

Signing off,