We believe the Internet should provide solutions, not problems.

The Web is full of success stories about companies whose sole purpose was to improve our daily lives by making the complex simple, and educating novices. We love these types of business visions.

We’re quite excited to announce that we’re currently working with MaxMyPoints, an innovative business designed to help us (whether you’re a novice or an expert) navigate the complex world of loyalty reward programs.

When the MaxMyPoints team asked us to collaborate, we immediately accepted. What resulted was an exciting UX & UI design experience and the front and backend development of the new website.

MaxMyPoints helps anyone looking to increase their credit card/loyalty reward points, whether they’re new to the game or one of those smart cats who’ve been in on it since they were old enough to have a credit card. All in the name of fulfilling our travel goals faster or while being a hell of a lot comfier in business class.

The way it all works is thanks to cutting-edge calculators – tuned in to the latest packages and rates in the industry – that on the MaxMyPoints website, provide free information about the most relevant credit card and frequent flyer reward programs available, all personalised to your profile.

Go on, go check it out and have a play. It’s pretty addictive!


We look forward to our continued work with MaxMyPoints in helping them achieve their vision of a more rewarding world.