We’re extremely lucky to be living in Australia, where the air is balmy and hot, and swimming weather is a norm. And perhaps most pertinent to our weather patterns is ocean swimming. Nothing beats the feeling of the sun shine on your back as you venture through the water, navigating your way through the waves or ocean rips.

That’s why nothing excites us more than to announce the launch of the new OceanFit website design – in collaboration with Newgroup Marketing, OceanFit endeavoured to build a brand new digital space that not only reaches out to fellow ocean swimmers, but also communicates the Aussie love of the big blue.

OceanFit leads Australia in their pursuit to deliver the community the greatest opportunity to learn new skills, improve their knowledge and develop confidence in the ocean environment.¬†OceanFit delivers the widest range of dedicated ocean swimming training programs in Australia, and perhaps the world, and we’ve helped them create a library of content that allows learning to continue in a digital context.

Join OceanFit on their new chapter of ocean swimming education and check out their website here. To read more about our Bondi ocean adventures, click here.

Signing off,

The Newgroup Marketing Team