Digital technology seems to popping up in every part of our lives now. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming, or can even feel counterproductive (patronising self-serve checkouts anyone?). But a lot of the time, the technology absolutely nails it. It’s these types of digital platforms, products and services that we love discovering, learning about and, where possible, aim to grasp with both hands.

Lucky for us one of these fantastic opportunities came our way, that evolved within and is helping to lead, the thriving on-demand movement. UrbanOutsource – an on-demand home services platform – is an innovative, and overwhelmingly welcomed, digital technology that is fulfilling genuine market demand. Yep, it seems that even when there are new gadgets or goodies around every cyber corner, true necessity is not only still the mother of invention, but in the digital world, the mother of how do you say … inventions that actually make life easier, not more complicated!

Think about UrbanOutsource as the ‘Uber of Home Services’ — they expertly connect busy people (aka the growing majority of us) with trusted, fully verified home service providers. At the moment, UrbanOutsource are successfully offering Home Cleaning, Gardening and Carpet Cleaning with future sights set on having a complete stable of home services on offer. Basically, anything that needs attending to around the home can be sorted for you at the tap of a few buttons.

We’re thrilled to be working with a provider who’s not only crafting something unique with the needs and wants of modern Aussie’s front and centre (we spend $15 billion each year outsourcing our household chores — hey we can’t help our awesome climate draws us outdoors…), but also to be partnering with an innovative team that are taking advantage of the surge in demand for SAAS (Software As A Service) providers.

We love where this is heading, and you will too.

Keep your eyes out for exciting updates as this collaboration unfolds.


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