Gym. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Bored. 


Are you on the search for something to spice up your weekly fitness regime? Here at Newgroup, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to stay fit and happy, and it’s not hard to do from our Bondi backyard. So we’ve knuckled down and come up with a few ideas for your summer exercise escapades to get you out of the sweaty gym and into the Sydney playground!

1. Umbilico

Umbilico is as much about exercising than it is about expressing yourself. It’s alternative, unique and effortlessly cool.

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Ever thought about hanging from some high ropes and twisting yourself in ways you never thought possible? Have a go at aerial acrobatics and discover your inner circus freak – we suggest giving our client Umbilico a visit – with their spacious facilities housing a host of unique fitness genres, you can ditch your gym membership and sign up for exercise with a side of self expression.

2. Fishing, Hiking, Manning it up

You’re a tough, hell-raiser ready to let loose on nature. Heck, you’re one to hit the countryside and wrestle against the elements 1 on 1.


Australia is a land blessed with challenging yet beautiful terrain, warm and inviting sunny days and endless outdoor pursuits at our disposal. Set yourself on a journey to push your physical limits and go for a hike along the coast, or test your patience threshold with an ocean fishing adventure. There are so many opportunities for us to get creative and explore our macho side – so get moving Sydney!

3. Ocean Fit

Fear the ocean’s wrath no more.


Besides being the cheapest way to get to New Zealand, ocean swimming is a great way to get fit, soak in some sun and free yourself in the Aussie surf. If the ocean strikes fear into your heart, fear no more – the team at Ocean Fit are committed to making sure you love the ocean, embrace the challenges of the sea and enjoy the surf. And hey, if you ask us Bondi dwellers, we think the beach definitely beats the chlorine heavy, public pools!

4. Indoor rock climbing

We have a feeling that climbing the Opera House is illegal.


As it stands, climbing iconic Sydney landmarks remain illegal (who knows why!). So we suggest some indoor rock climbing to satisfy your inner Spiderman and get your adrenalin kicking in just in time for the summer. Not a big fan of heights? Divide and conquer amigos, harness up and scale the walls like nobody’s business!

We suggest:

5. Surfing for Mums

Because surfing with babies is not advised.


Ever thought to combine daycare and hitting the surf? Our friends at Surfing Mums have come together to do just that. Bringing together a community of mums and bubs, you can now have your time with the foamy, fresh surf and not worry about running after tiny humans.

6. Sunbaking

Be careful not to burn anything but calories!



While we are a sunburnt country, sunburn is something us Aussies are trained to avoid religiously. So if you’re looking for a quick reprieve from the physical demands of summer sports, get your slip, slop, slap on and bake safely in the sun. Unconventional as it may seem, tanning does burn calories!

So this summer we suggest you seek the extraordinary, grab your sneakers (or surf board) and get creative!

Signing off,


Exercising Creativity with Newgroup Marketing